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About SRT

The Sports Round Table (SRT) is a weekly Sports Radio Show featuring an eclectic group of individuals who come together to discuss what they love most–Sports! This dynamic team is filled with electrifying energy and exhilarating dialogue. Crew members cover a wide range of topics in the world of sports from the hottest news, and current statistics to sizzling rumors and Sports predictions; and, they deliver all of this in a very entertaining way.


Take notice, Sports Round Table is an up-and-coming force in the Sports media industry leaving you wanting for more! It is engaging, edgy, thought-provoking, and very Entertaining.


You can catch Sports Round Table & SRT Crew Show Live ...



Meet the Crew


Horace McClarin III

Horace McClarin III: aka H-O from Bankhead The Atlanta Native is the Host, Super Producer and CEO of HM3 Inc. and SRT. Horace is recognized as a versatile host with courageous and dynamic energy – he keeps you engaged. It’s no secret that he is a Sports Fan and College Basketball guru; known to the world as the No. 1 Duke Basketball fan of all time.  H-O holds an honorary degree from Duke.


Derik Williams

Derik Williams: aka “D-Will The Coach” from Montgomery, Alabama known as the “Gump” D-will is not afraid to let you know that he is the No. 1 Bama football fan in the world. D-will went from Guest to Co-host with his expertise is College Football and basketball, also known for his unique opinions high energy!!!!!!!!!

Stephen Hancock

Stephen Hancock: aka “Sports Super Hero”, is from Memphis, TN. Hancock’s job is to “Save the World” with his sports knowledge. He is extremely 


insightful on all aspects of sports if you listen closely he is sneaky funny. Hancock is an FSU and Cowboys Super Fan. Known for his professor-like takes along with his  Comedic sound bites, makes great entertainment.

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